Sandra Kantanen – Landscapes

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128 pages


24.60 x 28.90 cm
First Edition, 2011
Hatje Cantz

Foreword by Timothy Persons and texts by Alistair Hicks and Tomas Träskman

Condition: New

Sandra Kantanens works are more than landscape photographs. Heavily influenced by traditional Chinese landscape painting, they first sought the sacred mountains of China to ideal-typical designs, but it is rarely found what she was looking at. Only by the combination of two media, and the help of picturesque means allow her the desired depth of expression: Kantanen early photos are printed on hand-painted metal reasons and this took advantage of the visual tradition of painting and artistic connotations of the ductus for their work. She digitally creates her photos from China, Japan, Finland and Tibet, by blurring, distortion, or strips partially reminiscent of overexposure.