Risaku Suzuki – Water Mirror

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112 pages


33.3 x 26.4 cm (13.1 x 10.4 in.)


Second Edition

Case Publishing, 2017

After Suzuki's previous works were devoted to studies of Southern France's Mt. St. Victoire or the atelier of Paul Cezanne, to images of cherry blossoms and snowfall, and - of course - to the lifelong documentation of his hometown Kumano, Suzuki's latest photobook "Water Mirror" consists of 46 images that take the surface of water as their chosen subject.
The book is a condensation of all that makes Suzuki's photography so appealing: his profound ruminations on the subject of photography itself and the continuous questioning of what it means to "look". With its luscious, thoughtful images, Water Mirror invites its reader on a voyage of perceptions unlike anything seen before. Concluding the book is an afterword by Japanese art critic Yuri Mitsuda (Japanese & English).