Tokyo 2020 by Japanese Photographers 9

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21.3 x 28 cm


Erstausgabe, 2013

IMA Photobooks

Photographes by Maya Akashika, Yuji Hamada, Go Itami, Kosuke, Yoshinori Mizutani, Wataru Yamamoto,
Daisuke Yokota, Kazuo Yoshida, Yumiko Utsu

"Young Japanese photographers are currently jockeying for positions in the art world. This generation of photographers is producing work in unparalleled volume and quality. They are independently producing 'zines' and books and participating in art fairs to network and launch their careers. Their works suggest new expressive possibilities that flexibly mix the domestic traditions of personal and street photography with those for foreign conceptual photography. They are all, however, trying to surmount the past to take on new creative challenges in various ways." – Hironobu Shindo