Fotgrafiska Talent 2018


"This year, 2018, will mark the fifth anniversary of Fotografiska’s Autumn Salon and we’re celebrating this milestone with a new take on this well-established competition, which is being developed together with the actual museum. Which is why in 2018 we’re introducing Fotografiska Talent. An exhibition that will retain the core elements as a tribute to Sweden’s photographers, both established and amateur, and all photography enthusiasts and residents of Sweden."

– Wiktoria Michalkiewicz, exhibition producer at Fotografiska Stockholm

“Lina Scheynius perceives the world by turning her gaze upon herself. Her body is the seismograph by which she measures the world. She encounters herself by exploring her body. It tells her what she senses. And the camera translates. Direct as these images appear to be, they too are created through the medium of an instrument: the camera. What is it that guides the camera? Is it reason, instinct, or the signals of that (the body) which is being photographed? Is it the motif or the author? Or is it perhaps the camera itself – the “third eye”, the image, that is directing here and becoming autonomous? The issue is complex because, for once, the motif and the author are united here. They are one. The motif and the author are identical. The identity reflects itself. The identity constructs itself by deconstructing itself.”

– Simon Maurer, curator, Zurich, Switzerland

Touchingly casual, Lina Scheynius captures scenes from her daily life, exploring and observing friends, lovers, and herself in with an arresting honesty. Uniquely voyeur and participant at once, the surprisingly strong sexual undertone and refreshingly explicit but poised nudity in her early work challenges traditional theories of the female role as the inactive and objectified. Since her beginnings Lina Scheynius’ picture language has developed considerably. It places sexuality and nudity less in the foreground and yet the works are more intimate than ever. The viewer is invited to dive into her personal, sensitive image world.

Documentary and momentary, Scheynius’ world of images is a deeply personal and frank visual diary wholly representational of the current zeitgeist. By way of a narrative fluidity her images transport the onlooker into the artist’s intimate world, sharing some of the most private details of her life.

Lina Scheynius was raised in Trollhättan, in the southwest of Sweden, and currently lives and works in London. She received her first camera at the delicate age of ten. To date Scheynius has been very selective with exhibiting her work, which has been shown in different solo exhibitions at Christophe Guye Galerie in Zurich (“Exhibition 01” and “Exhibition 04”), MELK Gallery in Oslo (“Exhibition 02”) and Taka Ishii Gallery in Tokyo (“Exhibition 03”). Occasionally she has taken part in group exhibitions such as “What's Next? The Future of the Photography” at FOAM Museum, Amsterdam, “Looking for Love”, at the Vidvinkel at Centrum för Fotografi in Stockholm, “Various Photographs”, curated by Tim Barber for the New York Photo Festival, European Month of Photography at MUSA in Vienna, or most recently Photo Vogue Festival in Milan.