Michael Wolf


For the first time ever, working in close collaboration with the Hague

Museum of Photography, the Rencontres d’Arles is presenting a selective
overview of the autonomous works created by Wolf. Wolf’s key
21st-century theme is “life in cities”, as he observes it in vast
metropolises like Tokyo, Hong Kong and Chicago. The striking feature of
these impressive series is the changing points of view adopted by the
artist in order to show the complexity of modern city life. The magnum
opus of the exhibition is The Real Toy Story installation
(2004), featuring over 20,000 plastic “Made in China” toys found by him
in junk markets and second-hand shops in the United States. Amid this
overwhelming array of mass-produced stuff for kids, Michael Wolf shows
sympathetic portraits of individual Chinese assembly-belt workers
producing toys to satisfy the manic worldwide demand for cheap consumer
– Wim Van Sinderen