Aufgeblüht und abgelichtet: Blumen in der Fotografie


The gallery is in bloom: to mark the Remstal Garden Show 2019, this summer exhibition is dedicated to flower motifs in contemporary photography. Artists draw their inspiration from the centuries-old tradition of the floral image and at the same time gain a variety of new facets from the theme. Overflowing floral splendour meets reflections on withering and transience, wild growth meets elegant staging, bright colours meet austere black and white. With unusual perspectives and a wide variety of technical refinements - from long-term exposure to the interplay of reflections, light and colour effects to the superimposition of motifs - the photographs open up surprising perspectives on the seemingly familiar world of plants.

The exhibition 'Aufgeblüht und abgelichtet' (Blossomed and photographed) invites the viewer to discover the many facets of floral imagery in photography. The exhibition presents outstanding national and international artistic positions, all of which make it clear that the flower is rarely as pretty and harmless as it seems.