<p>Daily Photo News …

Daily Photo News – Exhibition "Timekeeper" by Anthony Friedkin

By Romeo Mocafico

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<p>Exhibition 04 by …

Exhibition 04 by Lina Scheynius has been featured in the Paris Photo Agenda. 

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<p>Daily Photo News …

Daily Photo News – Exhibition 04 by Lina Scheynius

by Sophie Pouzeratte

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<p>Wallpaper – Forbi…

Wallpaper – Forbidden Fruit 

by Liberty Dye

"Lina Scheynius perceives the world by turning her gaze upon herself. Her body is the seismograph by which she measures the world. She encounters herself by exploring her body. It tells her what she senses..."

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<p>CNN – Can you gue…

CNN – Can you guess the City by looking out of your hotel window?

by Travis Levius

"Could you tell the difference between Bangkok and Sao Paulo by looking out of a hotel room window? It's not as easy as you think, says Swiss photographer Roger Eberhard, who's visited hotel rooms in 32 countries and six continents for a project
exploring standardization in our major cities."

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<p>Monopol Magazin –…

Monopol Magazin – Visuelles Tagebuch

"Intim, spontan und gleichzeitig inszeniert, beinahe cool: Die Fotografien von Lina Scheynius besitzen all das, was die narzisstische Medienwelt begehrt."

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<p>British Journal o…

British Journal of Photography – 09 in Lina Scheynius' ongoing series of photobooks

by Olivia Cheves

“I usually start with a few pictures that I’m interested in, three or four maybe, and then I start printing out everything I have that I like,” she says of her approach to making them. “I work on a wall, and I put lots up, and then I start taking some down.”

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<p>NZZ – Foto-Tablea…

NZZ – Foto-Tableau von Roger Eberhard. Hilton, Standard

by Angela Schader

Roger Eberhards latest project 'Standard' will be featured in Neue Zürcher Zeitung every day this week! A publication about the project is available by Scheidenegger & Spiess.

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<p>Kunstraum Aarau –…

Kunstraum Aarau – 19. November – 18. Dezember 2016

Die Künstlerin Dominique Teufen verführt die Besucherinnen und Besucher des Kunstraums Aarau in einen Graubereich und dies gleich in mehrfacher Hinsicht. Über den Graubereich als farbliches Element hinaus definiert dieser Begriff gleichzeitig ein nicht klar zuordnungsbarer Raum, sozusagen ein Spannungsfeld, in dem weder das Eine noch das Andere wirklich ist.

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<p>Prix Pictet – The…

Prix Pictet – The seventh Prix Pictet shortlist announced

Congratulations to Rinko Kawauchi and Michael Wolf both are shortlisted for the 7th cycle 'space' of Pictet Prix.

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<p>W Magazine – Pure…

W Magazine – Pure, Uncut Fashion: Photographer Miles Aldridge and Set Designer Happy Massee Reconsider Their Raw Material

by Max Lakin

Sometimes, the process Polaroids can be as compelling as the glossy fashion spread arguably. Two new books testify.

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<p>Paris Photo 2016;…

Paris Photo 2016; 10 – 13 November; Lieko Shiga, Risaku Suzuki; Booth B39

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<p>We are thrilled t…

We are thrilled that Brigitte Lustenbergers current solo show was featured by Korea photoart magazine.

<p>Another excellent…

Another excellent edition of Photo Theoria by Nassim Daghighian!

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<p>SF MOMA – Rinko K…

SF MOMA – Rinko Kawauchi contemplates the small mysteries of life

Photographer Rinko Kawauchi discusses her interest in the small mysteries of everyday life, which she explores in her series Utatane (2001). She explains why she was drawn to the sublime beauty of the controlled burning of grasslands in Japan for her series Ametsuchi (2012–13), and reflects on how her photography comes from a state between dreams and waking."

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<p>Jun Ahn's works a…

Jun Ahn's works are currently on view in South Korea at the 63 Art Mini Exhibition. The group show "The Present" is on view through the 31st of August. It features an amazing video work of her most recent work series "Float".