Nick Knight


Daelim Museum presents ‘NICK KNGHT: IMAGE’, Korea's first exhibition of
works by leading international photographer Nick Knight, from October 6,
2016. As part of the first generation of photographers to combine
photography with digital graphics technology, Knight is a self-described
image-maker who strives to create his own unique style across a broad
spectrum of genres including documentary work, fashion photography and
digital imagery. Knight's collaborations with leading designers, brands
and magazines including Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Christian
Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Vogue have drawn wide attention.

‘NICK KNGHT: IMAGE’ provides a comprehensive overview of the
oeuvre of an artist who has repeatedly reinvented himself through images
ranging from documentary photos to fashion campaigns carrying social
messages for ethnic and animal conservation, and works incorporating
digital technology. This exhibition presents some 100 key photos, videos
and installations by Nick Knight, highlighting his artistic,
avant-garde experimentation that constantly overturns conventional
notions of values and beauty. Knight's images, produced through bold
demolition of existing forms, bring new visual stimulation to viewers,
providing not fear of the unfamiliar but a sense of excitement.
Powerfully conveying the artist's way of viewing and interpreting the
world, and the messages he aims to deliver, these images give us the
courage to constantly adopt novel, individual perspectives.