Lina Scheynius – Sarajevo

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Les éditions be-pôles, 2014

Condition: New

First Edition

21 x 13 x 1 cm

64 pages

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"This is my travel journal from 18 days I spent in Sarajevo between November and December 2009." – Lina Scheynius

Touchingly casual, Lina Scheynius captures scenes from her daily life, exploring and observing friends, lovers, and herself in with an arresting honesty. Uniquely voyeur and participant at once, the surprisingly strong sexual undertone and refreshingly explicit but poised nudity in her work challenges traditional theories of the female role as the inactive and objectified. Documentary and momentary, Scheynius’ world of images is a deeply personal and frank visual diary wholly representational of the current zeitgeist. By way of a narrative fluidity her images transport the onlooker into the artist’s intimate world, sharing some of the most private details of her life.