Roger Eberhard – Wilted Country

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80 pages

20.5 x 27 cm


First Edition, 2010
Scheidegger & Spiess

Edited by Walter Keller
With Essays by Anthony Bannon and Benedict Wells

Condition: New (in original shrink wrap)

In his essay for this book, Anthony Bannon, the director of the reknown George Eastman House in Rochester, NY, the International Museum of Photography and Film, reconstructs the story of the photographer’s trip through his Wilted Country with these words: “Sometimes the process of transformation has moved further along. Only a sign remains, or just the silo, or the gas pump. The grass around has grown tall, bends back in the breeze. Roger Eberhard, the photographer, has left his sign, too, and just as fugitively. His images occupy an edge, just a faint edge, of perception. Like the places they depict, Eberhard's photographs are at a boundary between what can be seen and understood and what cannot.”