Paris Photo New York – Christophe Guye Galerie

Christophe Guye Galerie presents a selection of its most prominent contemporary artists, all of whom work in highly innovative ways and propose new ways of expression that go beyond the traditional boundaries of their genres. One section presents a selection of contemporary Japanese artists–Rinko Kawauchi, Yoshinori Mizutani and Risaku Suzuki–who, using different approaches and unique techniques, prove that they have very different and unique visions of capturing the world around them. The resulting images oscillate between Japanese tradition and fascinating, intimate and emotionally charged photography, lending the works a certain poetic depth that is unique to Japanese photography. On the other hand, a selection of enlarged Polaroid works by iconic contemporary fashion photographer Emma Summerton. Her passion for self-documentation through Polaroids was not only a way to use her creative expression as an artist to communicate with her lover during her long-distance relationship, but also gave her a sense of individuality as a fashion photographer. These artists, whether in the field of contemporary fashion photography or contemporary Japanese photography, continue to be at the forefront - they tirelessly move in original directions and continually create fascinating new forms of expression that inspire.