Rinko Kawauchi


The Guardian

Rinko Kawauchi –Keeping the fire going: a visual response to coronavirus

July 2020

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The Guardian

Through my lockdown lens: 11 leading photographers capture their confinement

May 2020

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Purple Diary

Rinko Kawauchi “Halo” exhibition at Christophe Guye Galerie, Zürich

Sonja Berta

9th of September, 2017

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The Guardian

Halo by Rinko Kawauchi. Images of the everyday sublime

Sean O'Hagan

21st of August, 2017

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In pictures: the W* photography desk's daily digest of visual inspiration

James Warren

29th of June, 2017

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VTph Visual Thoughts

Rinko Kawauchi. Halo

June, 2017

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Galleries Now

Rinko Kawauchi. Halo

21st of April, 2017

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Daily Photo News

Exhibition: 'Halo' by Rinko Kawauchi

Sarah Sirel

10th of April, 2017

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Six key trends in photography collecting

19th of Mai, 2015

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