20/20vision – 20 Kuratoren/20 Fotografen


On the occasion of the 5-year anniversary in Zurich (the gallery was founded 2006 in Los Angeles and is since 2010 located in Zurich) the gallery launched a biennial exhibition format that takes the pleasure of looking as its starting and focal point. In optometry, 20/20 vision stands for optimal visual acuity, and it points to the creative principle behind the exhibition: 20 experts (10 national/10 international) were each invited to nominate one artist who in their opinion has not yet received the recognition he or she deserves.

This will be the largest exhibition of the gallery to date. On view will be some 40 exciting works from analogue black & white and colour photography to digitally processed image making as well as from objects to site specific installations to video works and photo sculptures.

At the same time, the artists’ understanding of themselves and their approach to the photographic medium corresponds to our interest as a gallery: the focus is on creators of art who – within the context of contemporary art – have occupied themselves in diverse ways and intensively with photographic techniques, without thereby reducing themselves and their work to their medium. 20/20vision does not show photographic trends, instead, it strives for an inspiring juxtaposition of various artists, experts, concepts and techniques. With this broad presentation of contemporary approaches to photography, we want to support not only artistic talent but also a strategy for dealing with the flood of images: allowing ourselves to be guided by curiosity, sharing our enthusiasm, setting out on a search together and recommending what we find to others. The exhibition and the present publication are an invitation to you to direct your attention to the selected works and to let the flood flow past.

The enthusiastic dedication of the following participating curators and its artists has been decisive in making this ambitious exhibition project possible:

Katharina Ammann / Jaromir Kreiliger (*1991, Switzerland)
Tobia Bezzola / Armin Linke (*1966, Italy)
Lucia Angela Cavegn / Peter Schönenberger (*1963, Switzerland)
Tim Clark / Peter Watkins (*1984, Great Britain)
Louise Clements / Dominic Hawgood (*1980, Great Britain)
Seth Curcio / Eva O’Leary (*1989, USA)
Christoph Doswald / Tobias Wootton (*1981, Germany)
William A. Ewing / Robert Walker (*1945, Canada)
Duncan Forbes / Revital Cohen & Tuur van Balen (*1981 Israel/Belgium)
grupa o.k. (Julian Myers and Joanna Szupinska) / Mark McKnight (*1984, USA)
Nathalie Herschdorfer / Alexandra Catiere (*1978 Belarus/France)
Marloes Krijnen / Andrey Bogush (*1987, Russia)
MiJung Lee / A Mi Yoon (*1985, South Korea)
Kevin Moore / Jehsong Baak (*1967, USA)
Rebecca Morse / Heather Rasmussen (*1982, USA)
Gabrielle Obrist / Gabriella Disler (*1963, Switzerland)
Timothy Persons / Jyrki Parantainen (*1962, Finland)
Urs Stahel / Paul Kooiker (*1964, The Netherlands)
Stefano Stoll / Seba Kurtis (*1974, Argentina)
Lars Willumeit / Lina Hashim (*1978 Denmark/Iraq)