Not only the pictures by Brigitte Lustenberger but also the historical surroundings of the Erlacherhof convey a breath of transience. Quietly and mysteriously, an act, a portrait and a still life tell stories about the irreconcilable distance between ideal and reality. 

In her exhibition "Prologue of an elegy" in the municipal council hall as part of ArtStadtBern, Brigitte Lustenberger plays with decay, with the beauty of the vanishing and the decomposition, but also with the sadness of unachieved goals - in the spirit of Schiller's interpretation of an elegy: mourning the seemingly irreconcilable distance between ideal and reality. A feeling that - despite all political successes - the seat of the executive branch of the city of Bern conveys latently.  

The three exhibited images stand for three different genres of photography and are conceived as a condensed prelude to a drama (Prologue of an elegy). The work "For better for worse" (part of the marriage vow) for instance shows  a still life of a slightly wilting bouquet of wild roses and refers to the tender beauty of the transient.

The artist works with a large-format camera, recycles earlier works, scans, dissolves photographs in the water, and in between also uses the iPhone. With light as her most precious ally, she depicts flowers, faces, and naked bodies to tell mysterious, quiet stories - as a prologue of an elegy.