Daido Moriyama


Christophe Guye Galerie is proud to announce Daido Moriyama’s (*1938, Japan) first solo exhibition at the gallery. This exhibition presents selected works by Moriyama from the late 1960s until today. It features photo books, prints and both black and white and colour photography. As Moriyama’s first solo exhibition in Switzerland for over ten years, it provides a unique opportunity to see his work. The show is curated by Dr. Lena Fritsch.

Moriyama is one of the most significant Japanese photographers of the 20th Century and today, capturing city scenes and everyday life in a unique, vivid style. In the 1960s he was associated with ‘Provoke’: a magazine which sought to give experimental photography and photo theory a platform, overriding the conventions of modern photography. Questioning the general concept of traditional photography based on topics, Moriyama ushered in a new era of photography.

The idea of ‘equivalence’ is central to Moriyama’s work: photography does not aim to represent a coherent context, but rather exists in its own right. Created by pressing the shutter fast and repeatedly, his photography follows his intuitive actions. Moriyama has remained incredibly active – he continues to challenge photography as a medium and to take as many photographs as possible.

– Dr. Lena Fritsch, Curator