Erik Madigan Heck


In his 'Old Future' series Madigan Heck explores the intersection of photography and painting as he borrows from and bends the genres of fashion photography, landscape painting and portraiture. Madigan Heck quickly gained prominence as a fashion photographer – his work has appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair and The New York Times Magazine – while at the same time making a name for himself in the art world thanks to a sui generis photographic language. Influenced by Romantic painters, Impressionists and Les Nabis, he is able to convey the essence of painting through his lenswork and deft interplay of vivid colors and a pointillist style, producing oneiric images that transcend time. The fashion industry serves as a creative laboratory for Madigan Heck, whose creations nevertheless build on the work of the 20th century painters he admires.

This exhibition, organized by MBAL together with Christophe Guye Galerie, which spans 2 floors and shows works from Madigan Heck's monograph 'Old Future' as well as new family photographs paired with a painting from the permanent collection of the museum, is Erik Madigan Heck’s first museum show. The accompanying publication Old Future by Thames & Hudson, 2017, is available at the museum as well as at the gallery or the gallery's online store.