Shibata Toshio x Suzuki Risaku


Photography was invented and was popularized in the nineteenth century. At that same time, the Impressionists were a starting point in a series of major changes from what had been traditional painting styles. Photography played a considerable role in motivating those changes. Meanwhile, since its birth in the mid nineteenth century, the photograph has also sought to be treated as a work of art, in a painterly style, rather than a mere documentary record. That art photography mindset lives on today. The photographic works by Shibata Toshio and Suzuki Risaku, two contemporary artists, share a creative concept with modern art: expressing the human view of objects. This Jam Session thus pairs them with work by Paul Cézanne, whom they had been interested in since the very beginning of their careers, to explore the relationship between contemporary photography and painting.

All exhibition views are photographed by Keizo Kioku.