Seba Kurtis

Chemical Reaction, Village – Christophe Guye Galerie

Running from August 4 to September 7, the new series 'Chemical Reaction' by Seba Kurtis is on view at Village Books in Manchester.

‘These photographs show the fallout of conspiracy and control. They are more than records or documents of events that may be vaguely remembered and poorly recalled. They show the texture of su ffering and memory. The vapour of poisons can be seen bubbling and reacting on the surface of the paper, and the result is one of serendipity and coincidence as the chemical reaction manifests itself in these prints. The pulled ink on the prints is like the slow dragging through time and the slow erasing of victims throughout history. Kurtis has researched instances of nerve agent and chemical attacks. He has looked into the use of poison as political power, and has screen grabbed images to further explore his findings. The chemical reaction that we expect to see in typical photographic processes has been co-opted into this story of propaganda and now the paper becomes another document in this growing body of research. The surface breaks down under this reaction and leaves an imprint of confusion as these momentous events fade from collective memory. Kurtis has manifested delicate, reappropriated surface that holds history, intrigue, and time.’ – Mariama Attah