Unseen Amsterdam 2018


We are very pleased to show works by Risaku Suzuki and Lina Scheynius from their respective series ‘Water Mirror’ and ‘Flower’ at this year's edition of Unseen Amsterdam.

Risaku SUZUKI:

Water Mirror distills the appeal of Suzuki’s photographs. I would like to highlight Suzuki’s interest in the methodology of his practice and position this series as a product of his in-depth consideration of the principles of the photographic medium. To look at Water Mirror is to consider the origins of representation and principles of photography. The series clearly shows the artist’s examination of origins and principles growing in depth over the three years that he shot its images. As Water Mirror’s methodology has been established from the production process and compiled in this form, the works themselves have become and idiosyncratic photographic theory. Water Mirror will probably become one of Suzuki’s most representative works.


Touchingly casual, Lina Scheynius captures with her 35 mm camera scenes from her daily life, exploring and observing friends, lovers, and herself in with an arresting honesty. Uniquely voyeur and participant at once, the surprisingly strong sexual undertone and refreshingly explicit but poised nudity in her work challenges traditional theories of the female role as the inactive and objectified. Documentary and momentary, Scheynius’ world of images is a deeply personal and frank visual diary wholly representational of the current zeitgeist. By way of a narrative fluidity her images transport the onlooker into the artist’s intimate world, sharing some of the most private details of her life.
At Unseen Lina Scheynius will be showing a new series of photographs of flowers. For Lina flowers are unconscionably beautiful and hard to make anything else, hence the new series it’s about beauty. In connection with this series a newspaper will be published, which will premiere as well at Unseen.

We look forward to welcoming you!