In her recent series Dominique Teufen takes on a subject that she began exploring in 2011: the paper trompe-l'oeil. At that time she photographed a sheet of paper that had been folded and unfolded several times, then folded and unfolded the photograph and finally took a new photograph of the photograph. The resulting potentiated optical illusion joins the tradition of refined – especially baroque – illusions and visualises most beautifully the discrepancy between appearance and reality. Taking up folded paper again as a motif and applying her experiences with the flashlight sculptures, Dominique Teufen’s latest series gefaltete Schatten belichtet (Folded Shade Exposed) explores the sculptural quality of specially illuminated glossy photo papers whose bent corners cast dramatic shadows or cause subtle shading. The brilliantly staged and photographed folds pay homage to nothing less than light itself.'