Jun Ahn – Christophe Guye Galerie

Christophe Guye Galerie is thrilled to announce the second solo exhibition of Korean artist Jun Ahn (*1981) at the gallery. The exhibition shows works from four different series – ‚One Life/Gravity‘, 'Liberation’, 'Invisible Seascape’ and ‚Lucid Dream’. On this occasion the exhibition will be displayed throughout the entire gallery. In the series ‘One Life/Gravity’ and ‘Liberation’, Jun Ahn repeatedly throws objects such as apples and rocks into the air and photographs them with a fast exposure time. During the editing process, Ahn selects images which suggest the objects simply float in air, as if revolting against both gravity and fate itself, and thereby tries to expose the transcendence of moments from which all context had been stripped. The series ‘Invisible Seascape’ appears as images of seascapes, but they are seascapes that cannot be found anywhere in nature. Jun Ahn creates digitally combined collages based of high speed photographic images of the waves. ‘Lucid Dream’ was created during the pandemic, at a moment when the sea, the sky and the birds were symbols of freedom and dreams for many. The series is an homage to the dream of being able to fly that Jun Ahn has dreamt over and over again since her childhood.