Dominique Teufen


Who doesn't know these fantastic pictures of a journey through distant countries; the snow-covered vastness of Antarctica, the picturesque hills of China or the rugged fjords of Norway? Everyone has seen them before, they look familiar to us, they awaken a longing in us, but most of us have never really been there - not even Dominique Teufen.

Based on these fantastic landscape photographs from photo books and magazines, the artist Dominique Teufen went on her own world trip. By photocopying various materials, such as silk paper, plastic foils, cotton balls or coffee grounds, she creates her own beautiful landscapes. She then photographs them in her studio. The illusion seems to be perfect; the mental journey into a believable reality has begun.

The exhibition shows twelve of the works created between 2013 and 2018 in the series 'Sterne? Kopierter Staub. Meine Weltreise auf der Kopiermaschine’ ['Stars? Copied dust. My journey around the world on a copying machine'].