The Christophe Guye Galerie is pleased to announce Brigitte Lustenberger's exhibition 'Sneak Peek' in the Showroom of the gallery. The artist gives an insight into the progress of her analogue multimedia installation 'This sense of wonder'. Dead spiders and flies, collecting on window sills and corners of rooms evoke disgust. Yet Lustenberger transforms the found dead insects into astounding, fleeting slides and seemingly abstract photographs.

"A camera can't capture the flickering between life and death, but the time before and after, the time of aging and decay. My works are the result of a pause, observing the vanishing, indulging in the beauty of the disappearing and the disintegration. I am amazed at the miracles and horrors of death and its remnants, at the grace of the transience of being, but at the same time I am unsettled by the thought of death. Feelings such as passion, fascination, fear or even abhorrence are close to each other. I create a baroque and at the same time modern universe with my installations." – Brigitte Lustenberger